Bullseye Brace vs. WristWidget

What's the difference between the Bullseye Brace and the WristWidget?  They both belong in the market and patients can decide the best for themselves.

WristWidget Instagram LIVE - Video topics index

So much valuable information is shared in these videos!  Easily search for a topic, or find it in the timeline and learn all about wrist injuries.

I have very small wrists, why does it slide?

Each wrist is different. Learn how 2% of the population have a shallow wrist crease and the remedies for the slipping WristWidget®.

TFCC tears & the Gut - what's the connection?

I have noticed a select group of cases that present with an onset of ulnar sided wrist pain simultaneously in both wrists, without any known cause.

The Piano Key Sign test - Compression of the Ulna head

Why does it hurt when the ulnar head is compressed with TFCC tears or DRUJJ instability?  And what splint should you use in this case?

Are cortisone injections effective for TFCC tears?

While a cortisone injection will help with inflammation, it will not treat the TFCC injury. It is helpful for ECU and FCU injuries - learn why. 

Flexor carpi ulnaris (FCU) tendonitis

The FCU is often confused with a TFCC injury.  They are nearly the same except for a few distinguishing details.

Extensor Carpi Ulnaris (ECU) tendonitis

TFCC and ECU injuries can be easily confused - which is challenging because treatment for each is very different.  Understand the right treatment plan for each condition

It's So Much More Than Your Wrist!

One of the most dangerous myths is that “it’s all in the wrist.” We’ve heard it repeated in athletic activities from tennis to fly fishing.  It's so much more!

Central TFCC tears WILL heal!

My doctor said that the Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex (TFCC) has no blood supply and will not fully heal; is this true?  Fortunately, your we have good news – it can heal!