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TFCC & the Gut - what's the connection?

In 2006, I noticed a select group of 20 cases that presented with an onset of bilateral ulnar sided wrist pain without any known cause. Testing revealed significant intestinal issues in 18 of the cases. Chinese medicine shows the heart meridian to connect the TFCC with the small intestine.

Why the non-digital scale is so important for TFCC tears

You phone the specialists and you have to wait 3-4 weeks for a hand consult.  Why don't you simply perform the Weight Bearing Test?   I found it incredibly accurate in assessing the wrist. This simple tool is available in every country.  It is cheap.  It is reliable.  The test does not require a prescription or insurance to perform. It will diagnose TFCC tears. 

What is the TFCC?

It is quite difficult, as a patient, to get a ton of information about the TFCC.  The internet is full of conflicting information with very little consistency, and non-specific information.  If you are like most, you have already visited your physician and are searching for more information.