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The Piano Key Sign test - Understanding Compression of the Ulna head

Why does ulnar compression hurt with TFCC tears or DRUJJ instability?  

Why the non-digital scale is so important for TFCC tears

You phone the specialists and you have to wait 3-4 weeks for a hand consult.  Why don't you simply perform the Weight Bearing Test?   I found it incredibly accurate in assessing the wrist. This simple tool is available in every country.  It is cheap.  It is reliable.  The test does not require a prescription or insurance to perform. It will diagnose TFCC tears. 

What is the TFCC?

It is quite difficult, as a patient, to get a ton of information about the TFCC.  The internet is full of conflicting information with very little consistency, and non-specific information.  If you are like most, you have already visited your physician and are searching for more information.