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Gale - Ukulele musician

Aloha Wendy

This is at Pohai Nani. I entertained  Kupuna before a July 3 BBQ. Great fun. We usually have me perform inside for them. But the BBQ was outside so I performed outside. I have several dresses that I will wear the red WristWidget®  with when I perform.

This was today July 5 at the Weinberg Care Center at Pohai Nani. I always perform inside in this large room for the Kupuna who have dementia or Alzheimer's. I have several dresses that I will wear the blue WristWidget® with.

And here is a link to a Youtube video so you can see me actually playing wearing the black WristWidget® as well as an elbow brace. The man playing the steel guitar who I kissed at the end of my song is my Kumu Alan Akaka. He teaches me to sing in Hawaiian and to play my ukulele at his school Ke Kula Mele Hawai`i.

Gale Warshawsky singing Ka Wailele O Akaka at the Hawaii Book and Music Festival 2017 . Video by Jody Yamamoto.

I saw my surgeon Dr. Robert Shin at Kaiser on Tues and told him I wanted to stop wearing the elbow brace now that it has been 2 years past the hand surgery and I am slowly getting used to playing without the elbow brace. He said that was fine to do. As for the WristWidget®, he said I can wear it when I perform for as long as I feel I need to. And if my hand hurts when I am not playing, then I can wear it during the day or at night as needed. The WristWidget® really gives me the additional support I need, it makes the tightness I feel, that is a result of my hand surgery, stop bothering me, and it is truly so comfortable to wear. I love that I have them in various colors to match my performing mu`umu`us. 

Those WristWidgets® have made a huge difference in my recovery.  

Much aloha
Audition video for Duke’s Ukes Competition 2016
Gale Warshawsky sings and plays Sweet Lei Mokihana.
Video by Kumu Alan Akaka made at Ke Kula Mele Hawaii 07/06/16
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