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Dear Wendy,

I received the replacements from the UK and continue to wear them, even though your prescribed therapy of wearing the WW for 3 months just ended a few days ago. 

When I got the injury, I was pretty crushed. It didn't get better at all, I tried working out again after a few months and got other bandages which were fine for training, but useless during the day. The doctors (and I visited a few...) didn't bother helping at all. Since both wrists were affected, I was struggling with every day activites and the annoying pain just wouldn't subside. Then, after I don't know how many MRIs and X-Rays, they finally diagnosed a TFCC tear and I got surgery for the left wrist. They told me "in a week, you should be fine, so you can take off the cast and you should be able to work out again as usual". 

Obviously, I was very excited, but even after 1 month, the pain was stronger than before. So in hindsight, surgery was the biggest mistake... 

When I turned to you, you were so nice and really took the time to answer all my questions (and fast, too!), so I was really looking forward to the WW. It was kind of a last resort type of thing and I don't know how much more ignorance from more doctors I would have experienced if I hadn't found the WW. 

It really helped me a LOT. After about a month I tried to exercise again, but the next days my left wrist would hurt again. So I waited a few more weeks and got back into training in mid October. Since then I now work out 3 times a week again, I can play other sports again, I can actually hold a pan with food in it again and it doesn't affect my wrists as much as before. 

Sometimes, when I overdo it, I notice that it's not healed yet and have to take a few days off, so I will continue wearing the WW for as long as it takes. 

I can't describe how much this means to me, because I've been through a lot of frustration with the doctors and this injury. I couldn't do anything about it and for 9 months I didn't do any of the sports or activities I love. Nothing seemed to help, but you actually did. I'm truly grateful and appreciate your kindness and the work you've put into the WW. It's amazing and I can only recommend it to anyone with this annoying injury. 



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