Info: Stretches to help heal your TFCC (Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex) tear

Provided for your Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex Injury Recovery are three videos with stretches of different levels of recovery.  

Modified Locust Stretch for TFCC Recovery

 For TFCC tear rehab, this stretch is important for the pronator muscle in the elbow. It combines wrist rotation with elbow extension. It helps to do this stretch when warm like after a shower or workout. You can heat the elbow beforehand with a heating pad. Hold the stretch and breathe. Perform as many times possible throughout the day, and especially before and after exercise.  This is not a test for how long you can keep your foot in the air. Nor is it for reps. It is simply to feel a good deep stretch in your shoulders and arms.

Click here for a pdf video transcript. 

3 Stretches for TFCC Rehab and Recovery

These stretches should be done one time each day during your TFCC healing process. But ONLY after your Weight Bearing test on the affected wrist is 65# or greater.

Click here for a pdf video transcript.

Muscular imbalance test for Neck, Shoulder, and Wrist for TFCC recovery

Often with TFCC healing, there is a muscular imbalance. This imbalance can slow recovery. These stretch tests will help you identify problem areas. As your TFCC tear has begun to heal, and you now have Weight Bearing Test results of +65# it's important to locate and correct problem areas so you can fully recover.

Click here for a pdf video transcript.