TFCC- It is not just about the wrist. The Pronator Stretch, Shoulder and Neck.

Note:  Stretching is ONLY recommended when the Weight Bearing Test result of your injured wrist with a wrist widget, matches your healthy wrist.  

After 11 years of looking at the TFCC full time, all day, every day, I have seen a dynamic in patients that is predictable.  I see many elite athletes who find that their TFCC injuries heal to about 90%.  The last 10% seems to take the longest to acquire.  I have long known this and started to closely examine the structures of the elbow, shoulder, and neck.   

I have long known the relationship between the wrist and the elbow and have long promoted the pronator stretch.  

locust pose half

Locust Pose

Same yet more potential benefits as "The Cobra". Also cures tennis elbow, and is excellent for firming buttocks and hips.

If you look closely at this stretch, there is a rotation of the wrist with elbow extension.  One should not perform this stretch until the stability is at 60 lbs of weight bearing tolerance. You do not need to lift your legs.   This stretch has significantly contributed to patients returning to 100%.  But this is not all. 

In this stretch, the arm is in front- anterior. In this following stretch, the arm is posterior.  Note the significant stretch to the biceps and anterior shoulder.   It is an advanced stretch so proceed with caution.locust pose

I have always advised patients to seek the assistance of a physical therapist, a chiropractor, an acupuncturist and a naturopathic practitioner.  These can add a unique perspective to all injuries.  

Remember- in TFCC tears, it is important to stretch the elbow, the shoulder, and the neck.  It is also important to strengthen the rhomboids, the triceps, the lats, and the rotator cuff muscles.  Avoid strengthening the biceps and pecs until your balance is returned and you have 100% weight bearing tolerance.    

For the full guide to stretching when you've reached the Mild category of injury, please visit this page:

As always, Happy Healing!