WristWidget gives back in a time of need

Aloha to all, 

We wanted to take a moment and send all of you a warm Aloha.  We know things are hard out there right now.  We have taken some unusual steps to make sure the WristWidget doesn't come in contact with Covid. 

We make the WristWidget in Hawaii.  Each WristWidget goes into a container for 2 weeks prior to shipment.  We now wear gloves, goggles, and masks when we are handling the WW.   

We know that many of you have lost your job and/or cannot see your physician. We know that many surgeries are being canceled.  We self-isolated 2 weeks ago on our manufacturing site.

We are dropping our price for a month as our way to help our community.  We hope you can all use this quiet time to heal your TFCC tears.

E ola kakou E ike kakou E ola na kini e E ike ka lokahi e Aloha e Aloha e Aloha e
WristWidget Family

This Hawaiian chant expresses that we are life, we are vitality, and when we come together with our knowledge in Aloha, we are united in divine guidance.