WristWidget Instagram LIVE - Video topics index

WristWidget Instagram LIVE - Video topics index

Each week Wendy discusses your questions and concerns about TFCC and ulnar side wrist injuries on Instagram.  Here, we index all of the topics where you can easily find them in the videos.   

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Episode 23: What to expect after TFCC diagnosis
0:36 Research on TFCC
1:04 What to expect from TFCC diagnosis
1:49 Variability in MRIs
2:31 Wrist splint compressing on ulna head is detrimental
2:56 How the weight bearing test works
3:41 How bad in my TFCC tear?
4:29 Normal adult weight bearing numbers
5:00 Important landmarks
5:04 above 45 lbs = functional wrist
5:10 below 45 lbs = non functional wrist
5:15 65 lbs = stable, loadable wrist
5:27 Below 45 lbs = a severe injury
5:40 Mild injury recovery protocol
6:20 Moderate recovery protocol
7:20 Severe protocol
8:35 Cast after surgery
10:49 Time frame for recovery
11:25 Central and peripheral tears behave very differently
12:13 Things that interfere with normal progression
14:39 When should I consider surgery
15:55 Central and peripheral tears
17:00 What if MRI says TFCC but weightbearing doesn't change?
19:58 What about thumb-sided pain?


Episode 22: Ulnar Variance
0:49 Difficult to define alignment
2:06 What is ulnar variance?
2:29 Positive ulnar variance
3:40 Relation of ulna to radius
4:17 Distribution of force
4:31 80/20
5:26 Measurement of ulnar variance
5:43 Standard procedures for measuring ulnar variance
6:47 How pronation/supination changes ulnar variance
6:53 Grip and ulnar variance
6:56 Position of the elbow changes ulnar variance
7:17 Device to standardize assessment
7:47 Doctors range in their assessment/definition of ulnar variance
8:35 Why MRIs are not a good way to measure ulnar variance
9:13 What happens when your positive ulnar variance is above 4mm?
9:37 Kienbock's disease and negative ulnar variance
9:40 LT tears and negative ulnar variance
10:06 Abutment syndrome
10:20 Wrist and elbow fractures effect on ulnar variance
11:39 Ulna shortening
12:14 TFCC tear and ulnar variance
14:58 What's the best treatment for ulnar variance?
16:27 Effects due to prolonged wrist stability less than 45 lbs
17:05 How weight bearing test can help with ulnar variance
17:22 Grip strength and ulnar variance
19:53 Timeline for surgical procedure and recovery
24:10 Important to get multiple opinions
26:11 Differences in male/female and small/large wrists
27:27 How can you make the xray tech position you correctly?
29:00 Ask Dr. to order xray with elbow at 90 degrees and wrist is neutral
30:04 Ask Dr. to xray other wrist as well
31:00 Does TFCC injury cause ulnar variance or vice versa?
31:47 Ulnar variance changes with TFCC surgery but returns to pre surgery numbers



Episode 21: The Wrist Ability Program
0:53 What is The Wrist Ability Program?
2:14 Introduction of Jan
4:21 How exercises were selected
5:34 Do I need equipment for the program?
6:13 How do you monitor progress?
7:46 How nerve tension can affect progress
8:19 Adding in dynamic movements at the right time is key
9:21 Recovery time is very individual
10:13 Variables to recovery
10:22 TFCC injuries in wide range of people
10:42 Different starting points depending on individuals abilities
12:28 Therapists welcome to join!
13:41 Stiff wrist and loss of range of motion
14:04 What does strengthening without load mean?
14:58 Phase 0
17:12 Sign up for a free 1 week trial
18:01 Affordable program available for all
21:40 Testimonial from Shannon



Episode 20: Diagnostic tests
1:45 Piano key test
4:06 Weight bearing test
4:40 Scapholunate
5:13 Clunking with wrist flexion/extension to see if scapholunate is involved
6:40 How do you differentiate a scapholunate vs TFCC problem?
7:45 45 degree angle weight bearing test for scapholunate
8:31 How to differentiate between hamate fracture and TFCC
8:56 Pull test for hamate fracture
9:11 Hanging fingers weight bearing test for hamate fracture
9:49 Wrist fractures
10:30 Problems with flexors of the thumb
10:51 Corner weight bearing test for flexors of the thumb
11:24 Another test for flexor pollicis longus
11:45 UT tear
12:16 90 degree weight bearing test for UT tear
13:00 Grip strength
14:50 weight bearing test for grip strength
15:15 Pinch strength
18:55 Many TFCC tear diagnosis that don't actually have TFCC tears..
21:03 Does the quality of the scale matter?
26:45 Strengthening exercises in the wrist does not change stability - often times it makes things a lot worse. You need stability first, then strength.
28:44 Wendy does not recommend surgery for TFCC tears if your weight bearing is above 45 lbs



Episode 19: Differential diagnosis
2:19 How to identify a TFCC tear
3:46 Flexor carpi ulnaris tendonitis (FCU)
6:50 Extensor carpi ulnaris (ECU)
8:58 FCU anatomy
9:15 How to identify ECU
10:33 Hamate fracture
11:54 Pull test
12:41 How to identify hamate fracture
15:02 Ulnar abutment syndrome
15:48 Positive ulnar variance
16:21 What happens with ulnar abutment syndrome
18:14 Symptoms of ulnar abutment syndrome
18:38 Systemic inflammation
22:42 Wendy addresses Sara's wrist pain
25:53 Ulnar nerve problems
32:24 Wendy addresses Nick's wrist/hand pain



Episode 18: Ulnar nerve
0:54 nerve anatomy
1:58 Ulnar nerve stretched depending on movement
2:31 Assessment of nervous system
5:17 Reasons for nervous system breakdown
6:50 Where on the spectrum of stretch does ulnar nerve light up?
7:42 Electrical muscle stimulation (e-stim)
10:07 Systemic nerve issue
10:21 Spine exercises for ulnar nerve issues
11:11 radial nerve and elevated ulnar nerve problems
11:33 Systemic irritation reactions
12:30 Guideline for recovery
13:29 Cubital tunnel surgery
15:16 Strengthening for cubital tunnel
16:40 FCU
17:13 Surgery for TFCC tear, sl laxatiy, and abutment lesion (TFCC delamination tear extending into ecu subsheath) symptoms are still there - thoughts?
21:06 What to use as assessment guides
22:16 Nerve conduction test
24:56 What's "normal" after cubital tunnel surgery?
25:19 What happens during cubital tunnel surgery
29:35 How do you determine where to e-stim?
30:51 Irritated nerves


Episode 17: Orthopedic and sports medicine acupuncture
2:32 How Jack assess a patient
4:38 Nerve impingement
6:02 How long does treatment for nerve impingement take?
7:40 Should I rest or exercise with nerve impingement injuries?
9:33 Herbal recommendations/supplements
10:50 Moxa
11:50 Electrical simulation with acupuncture
14:11 How to restore function to pulled muscles
16:57 Scarring around bone in hamate and pisiform injuries
18:14 Does needling bone hurt?!
18:49 Length/strength of treatment for different injuries
20:00 Patterns related to each organ
21:24 Heart meridian and different symptoms
24:33 Acupuncturist is best for needling treatment not just someone who is just certified in dry needling
26:52 Meniscus tears
27:53 How do you address chronic inflammation?
30:00 Systemic issues
32:17 Perfusion treatment

Episode 16: Discussion with Jeffrey Tice, LAc TFCC and Acupuncture
3:00 Jeff Tice experience
4:00 Repetitive stress and traumatic injury
5:00 Holistic approach to looking at injury
7:13 Yin and Yang
7:42 Acute phase and extensors
9:20 Acute vs chronic approach
11:44 Moxa and estim
13:21 Wafting moxa over the wrist for chronic pain
15:11 Cupping
18:15 Cupping demonstration
23:33 Bubble caused by cupping
25:07 Stagnation, heat, and cold
26:30 Needle acupuncture helps hand swelling from distal radius fractures
27:40 Approach to tendons
29:46 What is dry needling? How does it differ from regular acupuncture needles?
34:54 Why going to the acupuncturist for needling is best
37:15 FCU tendonitis and the heart meridian
38:30 What Jeff would do for FCU tendonitis and pain at insertion
42:33 Tumeric to treat "the heat"/long term stagnation
45:40 Zhen gu shui - topical chinese medicine treatment
47:55 How frequently should I get acupuncture?
50:55 Virtual acupuncture?


Episode 15: Dr. Dean Mg & supplements for wrist, gut, health.
3:50 Introduction
6:00 How do you test for mineral and magnesium deficiency
8:00 Magnesium deficiency in different groups
9:37 Range of magnesium
10:47 Why it's important to be in the top percentile
11:00 When to re test baseline levels
11:42 Symptoms related to Mg deficiency
13:53 ReMag for deficiency
15:52 Non laxative magnesium
16:42 Why your body can't get saturated in Mg
18:15 How long does it take to saturate?
18:32 ReMyte mineral supplement for other mineral deficiencies
19:07 ReMyte for Thyroid issues
19:41 Thyroid displayed in upper extremity, rotator cuff, and tendons of thumb
19:52 Systemic mineral disfunction in flexor tendons
19:57 Tfcc - broad loss of minerals
21:41 Which supplement do you start with?
21:49 Hydrate with sea salt
23:16 Muscle spasms
24:30 IBS and relation to yeast overgrowth
27:00 Candida


Episode 14 Common TFCC Questions
0:17-1:23 WristWidget® is one size fits most
1:23-2:27 Why a brace/splint/cast shouldn't compress the ulna head
2:27-3:41 How to put on your WristWidget®
3:42-4:09 How to care for your WristWidget®
4:10-5:27 How tight should it be? How do I adjust it for activities?
5:27-6:02 Do I wear it at night?
6:02-6:46 Will it help with the ECU or FCU?
6:48-8:06 Can I do bicep curls?
8:06-8:40 Why it's so important to strengthem triceps
8:41-9:34 When can I work out?
9:34-10:07 Is conservative PQ and ECU strengthening ok?
10:09-11:10 Why does the MRI say I have a tfcc tear but then it ends up being misdiagnosed?
11:12-11:20 Can a complete tear heal conservatively?
11:23-12:01 central and peripheral tear healing ability
12:01-12:54 How long does it take a TFCC to heal?
12:55-14:36 Should I do the ulnar shortening surgery since nothing else is helping and I want my wrist to get better?
14:37-17:26 My TFCC injury is slowly slowly healing...but one thing that is getting worse is the size of the ulnar head. The idea that the bone shifted sounds pretty serious but is it okay for it to be so prominent?
17:42-19:24 Can an untreated hamate fracture be interfering with tfcc tear?
19:40-20:56 Tfcc tear onset with no fall or injury
21:06-23:07 Flossing/nerve and muscle lengthening/nerve gliding
23:07-23:50 When can I resume normal activity?
25:34-28:06 If I only have ulnar instability can I use the WristWidget®?

Episode 13 Grip Strength
0:26- 0:40 What is grip strength?
0:40-4:31 Dynamometer/How grip strength is measured in the clinic
4:40-4:57 How to measure pinch strength
5:15-5:37 Correlate your numbers to grip strength norms
5:37-7:38 Other tools to measure grip at home - The Squegg
7:56-9:02 The Gripable
9:09-9:42 Weight bearing numbers in correlation to grip strength numbers
9:42-14:27 What do I do to improve grip strength/Grip strengthening exercises
14:27-15:19 Wrist stability and type of strengthening based on weight bearing numbers
15:36-16:17 Scaphoid lunate problems/slack wrist
16:57-17:56 How do you know if you're gripping something properly?
19:24-20:00 Flexors and extensors
20:16-21:57 Low weight bearing tolerance/central tfcc tear/complete tfcc tear
21:57- 22:32 What information does grip strength provide?
22:37-23:10 Lateral pinch/distal radius fractures/scar tissue
23:13-23:21 Pinch exercises
23:43-25:36 Grip strength with analog scale


Episode 12 Flexor Pollicis Longus
0:56-1:05 Flexor pollicis longus adhesions
1:05-2:23 Anatomy
2:23-3:35 Flexor tendon scar tissue and nerve gliding
3:35-5:07 Kinesio taping
5:07-5:36 Wrist fracture and scarring
5:36-5:48 Flexors of the fingers
5:55-6:39 Treatment
6:39-7:11 Strengthen
7:27-8:48 Wrist fracture post operation protocol (TFCC maybe involved)
9:44-11:58 How to measure grip strength


Episode 11 ECU
0:21-1:14 ECU anatomy
1:14-1:27 types of ECU subluxation
1:31-2:04 Weight bearing test to distinguish ECU subluxation
2:11-2:38 Dynamics of wrist in pronation/supination
2:38-2:56 Wrist extension splint
2:57-4:28 Most common - ECU as a consequence of TFCC tear
4:28-6:00 Function of the ECU and development of TFCC tear
6:01-7:12 Mechanics and Nerve - How to identify nerve involvement
7:22-7:40 Tightness is muscle belly - deep tissue massage
7:44-7:56 What happens when you injure tendon-muscle system
7:56-8:09 ECU management program
8:09-8:16 Acupuncture
8:16-8:39 ECU and gallbladder
8:30-8:52 Electrical stimulation on nerve
8:52-9:33 Splinting is detrimental to ECU
9:33-9:46 No Supination
10:13-11:21 ECU kinesio taping techniques
12:42-13:00 Strengthening program
13:25-16:51 What to do when?
17:53-25:-35 ECU taping tutorial with Alison Taylor
26:23-26:27 Would ECU pain include pain on ulnar side hand between base of pinky and ulnar styloid?


Episode 10 The Gut-TFCC connection
0:56-2:30 Stool test study
2:30-3:36 What does gut health mean?
3:36-4:00 Parasites and protozoa
4:00-4:20 Bacteria
4:25-4:49 Other stomach problems
5:01-5:33 Tennis player case
5:49-6:10 tfcc and small intestine
6:10-7:42 Symptoms
7:42-8:43 What do I do about gut symptoms?
8:43-11:04 Rupahealth.com - comprehensive gut analysis
11:12-13:40 What can I do at home?
13:40-14:09 Ulnar sided wrist pain related to gut
14:09-14:25 12 hour break from digestion
14:25-14:49 Celery juice
14:54-15:18 Indigestion/heat in gut
15:18-15:45 Lack of enzymes/lack of heat
15:45-16:27 Different gut issues effect different parts of the wrist
16:46-17:17 Long term gut issues and nerve problems
17:17-17:55 Supplements based on issue
17:59-18:49 Nerve problems
19:45-20:20 How comprehensive gut test works
20:20-21:31 Naturopathic doctor
21:45-22:20 Long term indigestion case
23:02-23:35 Chronic heartburn
24:08-24:19 Psyllium


Episode 9 FCU tendonitis
0:42-1:20 FCU anatomy
1:33-2:37 FCU symptoms
2:37-3:35Will the WristWidget® help?
2:51 and 5:41-5:44 Kinesio tape is better for FCU
3:38-5:44 FCU treatment
5:10-5:58 How splinting can make it worse
5:52-6:39 FCU related to heart in eastern medicine
6:44-7:02 and 20:31-21:25 Cortisone
7:06-9:02 and 9:58-12:02 Can you have a tfcc tear and fcu?
9:18-9:58 What can I do to help healing process?
12:04-13:06 Pain with range of motion
13:06-13:41 Nerves
13:41-15:18 How to kinesio tape
14:24 Alison Taylor is a wonderful source for kinesiotaping
15:55-15:58 What symptoms do I address first?
15:58-16:45 FCU case
16:45-20:31-22:22 and 21:25 Steps before going back to gym
20:31-21:25 What can I do if my job doesn't give me the luxury of resting wrist?

Episode 8 Hamate fracture and ulnar sided wrist pain
0:55-2:20 Signs of undiagnosed hamate fracture
2:20-2:34 Pull test
2:44-4:21 What do I do if I have a significant loss of weight bearing but no change with WristWidget™ ?
4:21-4:29 Tendons and nerves irritated due to hamate fracture
4:29-7:00 Protocol if you suspect a hamate fracture
7:00-7:29 Displaced and non displaced hamate fracture
7:50-8:40 Why do you spling the fingers?
8:45-9:51 Nerve irritation/nerve gliding
11:21-12:56 Is stretching ok while hamate is healing?
13:05-13:58 How to analyze wrist pain
14:07-15:10 Main healing tips: #1 DO NOT LOAD
15:35-16:22 Swelling
17:30-18:11 Proper gripping
18:11-18:34 Time frame for catching hamate fracture
19:02-19:55 Removing hook of hamate
19:59-22:47 Hamate fracture with tfcc tear - do I wear a WristWidget® for hamate fracture?
23:10-25:56 hamate fractures misdiagnosed as tfcc tears
26:02-26:39 Potential nonunion
28:00-29:31 live questions about wrist surgery
29:31-35:26 Strength program for tfcc tears/ pinching after recovery
35:26-36:58 Yoga and wrist biomechanics
36:58-37:00 Correlation between tfcc and gut
37:40-38:48 Hormonal component to weight bearing
39:00-42:31 Are tfcc tears underdiagnosed and why?
42:31-43:04 Ganglion cyst


Episode 7 Wrist Sprain
0:18-4:03 What to do when you sprain your wrist?
4:03-5:51 Bracing complications
5:51-6:34 Sprained wrist case
6:34-7:43 Pisiform and hamate fractures
7:43-9:47 Wrist tendons
9:55-10:21 Acute TFCC tear
10:28-12:01 Exercises for a failed TFCC repair
12:10-12:33 How do I know if it’s a TFCC tear?
12:37-13:20 Stretch and Strength exercises on Youtube
13:29-14:36 How to do the weight bearing test
15:08-16:18 What can/can’t I do at the gym?
16:20-17:30 I sprained my wrist, what now?


Live 6 Jan 24 2021
0:22-3:48 How do you recover from ECU tendonitis and FCU tendonitis? How long does it take to start lifting weights in the gym for bodybuilders?
4:08-4:58 Role of hormones in tendon issues
5:00-7:25 Wrist clicking - not all clicks are the same
7:55-8:22 Does long term clicking mean your TFCC hasn’t healed?
8:23-9:15 Can clicking lead to more significant problems?
9:15-10:06 How long does it take for TFCC to fully heal with conservative treatment?
10:23-10:50 TFCC surgery is not a quick solution
11:20-11:54 Tools to evaluate when looking at your own wrist
12:08-13:06 Recommendations for surgery- when is a good time to take this step?
13:11-13:29 Post op protocol for TFCC
13:34-13:59 When will my hand be normal again after TFCC sprain?
13:59-15:10 Defining wrist stability - at what point is it ok to return to normal load?
15:42-17:32 WristWidget® function, TFCC proprioceptive qualities, and cognitive influences
17:5-20:44 65lbs/45kg with WristWidget® on you can return to load
20:58-21:51 Recommended supplements
21:51-22:54 TFCC and gut correlation
23:04-25:55 PRP
26:06-28:18 Ulnar reduction
29:07-32:04 Splinting and how to function with severe tear


Live 5 Jan 17 2021
0:42-1:49 Is my wrist fractured?
1:49-2:32 Hamate fracture
2:32-2:48 Nerve irritation vs undiagnosed fracture
2:56-3:15 Measuring grip strength
3:17-4:04 E-stim unit
4:06-4:11 KT tape
4:16-4:18 Non digital scale and water bottle for strengthening
4:24-5:23 Case - Hamate fracture misdiagnosed as TFCC tear
4:54-5:12 Pull test for hamate fracture
5:27-5:36 Case - Systemic inflammation of flexors/extensors
5:38-5:50 Case - Misdiagnosed carpal tunnel syndrome
6:13-7:03 Case - Pain resurfaces 2 years later after TFCC tear arthroscopically fixed
7:04-7:34 Suture surgery
7:35-8:05 Rehab time for post op TFCC repair
8:05-8:31 Definition of full recovery
8:33-11:50 Post op do’s and don’ts for strengthening wrist
12:17-16:00 Ulnar shortening
16:58-17:49 Ulnar impaction syndrome
18:03-20:20 Loss of supination/risk factor for surgery
20:34-21:07 2 month time frame to recover range of motion after surgery
21:52-24:39 PRP for ulnar impaction syndrome
25:33-29:08 Do you suggest wearing WristWidget® after 6 weeks stabilization and then cortisone injection?
29:32-30:00 ECU tendonitis and cortisone injection


Live 4
0:19-1:57 Intro to weight bearing test and research publication
1:57-3:16 Study data
3:16-3:46 Baseline for normal functional wrist load
4:28-4:59 TFCC is the only injury that responds to tape or WristWidget®
4:59-5:28 Weight bearing test provides objective numbers to define injured and non injured wrist
5:28-5:36 Misdiagnosed TFCC tears
5:36-6:34 Why is the TFCC considered the black box of the wrist?
6:34-7:32 MRI’s are unreliable tool for TFCC tears
7:32-8:08 Weight bearing test is better tool for defining TFCC tears because it’s objective
8:08-8:15 Weight bearing numbers for central tear
8:15-8:24 Weight bearing numbers for peripheral tear
8:24-8:52 Am I a good candidate for surgery?
8:53-9:38 Weight bearing numbers in severe central tear
9:38-10:24 Central tear signs
10:24-10:45 Strengthening program for central tears
10:45-11:25 Peripheral tear signs
11:25-15:04 Strengthening program for peripheral tears
15:21-15:48 Future study goals
16:41-16:59 Defining “normal” and what vexes that “normal”
16:59-18:55 Bilateral low weight bearing numbers
18:55-20:24 Why digital scale does not work
20:29-22:33 Grip strength
22:43-24:08 How long should I wear the WristWidget®?
24:22-25:18 Is it ok to do handstands?
25:40-26:18 Communicate with your Dr.
27:18-29:44 Variations to weight bearing test
29:44-31:05 Nerve injuries



:06-:29 Differentiate FCU from TFCC tear
:29-:49 FCU signs
:52-1:01 Where it’s painful to touch with FCU
1:01-1:23 Wrist flexion/extension with FCU
1:23-1:28 Why does it take so long to heal the FCU?
1:28-1:30 Steps to heal FCU
1:30-2:34 Acupuncture, heat in heart, dehydration
2:38-3:53 Can someone have ECU, FCU, and TFCC?
3:54- 4:22 Massage, ice, e-stim, topical cortisone help heal FCU
4:25-5:12 Can FCU tendonitis cause numbness to the little finger?
5:13-6:16 Can I do the weight bearing test without full functional wrist extension?
6:16- 6:48 What’s functional weight bearing?
6:49-8:47 Differential diagnosis pathway
8:54-10:26 Causes of clicking in the wrist
10:47-14:34 Symptoms of ulnar sided wrist pain
14:34-16:00 Important things to manage in difficult cases
16:13-17:25 FCU - overloading and high repetition
17:25-18:24 When can I start overloading after FCU injury?
18:24-18:57 Alternatives to cortisone
18:57-20:22 What Wendy would do if she had signs of FCU
20:23-21:29 Can nerve conduction help find the main problem?
21:30-24:10 Investigation and treatment for ulnar nerve problems
24:11-29:10 TFCC wrist stability

 Episode 2

:17- 1:14 Peripheral tears in both wrists
1:15-2:52 Peripheral or Central tear – how to tell
2:52-4:20 Are there tears that can’t be treated with the WW
4:25-6:05 Central tear statistics
6:06-8:25 MRI shows TFCC tear – do I need surgery
8:25-10:38 What are “normal” Weight Bearing Test results
10:42-12:49 The location of pain matters
13:20-15:02 Help! 3 doctors tell me 3 different things
15:27-16:12 How can something so simple work? (WristWidget)
16:14-18:53 I have a “mild” injury - and still have pain.
18:53-20:21 FCU or ECU how to tell the difference and what to do
20:21-21:27 Extensor strengthening
21:33-25:58 The WristWidget is uncomfortable (ECU + TFCC)
24:20-25:47 E-stim, TENS, for ECU tendonitis
26:00-28:51 Cubital Tunnel – Ulnar nerve issues
28:55-29:47 Ultrasound and Laser therapy
29:53-33:00 Undiagnosed fractures – how to diagnose
33:06-35:14 WristWidget – how tight is too tight? What if it leaves a mark?
35:16-45:50 Ganglion cysts and TFCC tear treatment (live case walkthrough)


 Episode 1


:17- 1:43 TFCC or Hamate
1:50-3:15 Weight bearing test
3.:33 – 5:16 MRIs
5:17-6:51 Cortisone injections
7:06 – 9:51 Ulnar abutment – ulnar impaction
9:52-11:12 Strengthening
11:39-13:18 TFCC treatment protocols
13:19-14:53 Scapholunate
14:53-16:22 Central Tears – ECU Tendonitis
16:33-18:08 SL tears – Surgery or Exercises
18:09-19:21 What is the Brachioradialis
19:29-21:11 ECU Tendonitis
21:16-22:43 Grip strength
22:47-24:11 Ulnar variance
24:13-26:07 Bone shortening surgery
26:13-27:15 Pain in morning
27:55-28:52 TFFC tears without a known cause
25:05-31:42 WristWidget vs Bullseye TFCC vs ECU
31:50-32:32 Pushups and Bicep Curls
32:42-33:00 Central Tear Surgery
33:15-37:39 TFCC recovery – what it looks like
37:41-38:43 WristWidget + Brace?
38:44-40:00 Ulna head compression
40:04-40:49 WristWidget to prevent re-injury?
40:50-43:09 Testing with Tape
40:50-45:11 7# without to 40# with WW – what next?
45:12-46:46 Can TFCC cause ulnar impaction syndrome?
46:47-47:28 How often to do the Weight Bearing Test?
47:53-49:58 Radius Fracture and TFCC
50:00-52:49 How to get an objective opinion


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