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Aloha from Wendy

How to revive your unsticky WristWidget 

 Weight Bearing Test

How to tape your Wrist

How to place the scale for the Weight Bearing Test?

How to push down on the scale for the Weight Bearing Test?


How to put on your WristWidget

Why the WristWidget works

What makes the WristWidget unique?
Non-Surgical Management of TFCC Tears 

How to Grip


Grip and Pinch Exercises


How to measure Grip Strength


GREAT WristWidget explanation

This podcast episode of Hand Therapy Heroes is with Wendy Medeiros OTR/L CHT who has created the "WristWidget" orthosis.   
For those of you who have used this you will enjoy learning a bit more about the process of idea to roll-out and for those of you who have never heard if it you will add a valuable tool to your toolbox! 

 Great explanation of the WristWidget®