WristWidget and TFCC Basics

 Wendy had a Instagram session which addresses the most common questions about the injury and the product.  This is a great place to start. Want to skip right to your question?  A breakdown of the session can be found under the video.



Episode 14 Common TFCC Questions
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0:17-1:23 WristWidget® is one size fits most
1:23-2:27 Why a brace/splint/cast shouldn't compress the ulna head
2:27-3:41 How to put on your WristWidget®
3:42-4:09 How to care for your WristWidget®
4:10-5:27 How tight should it be? How do I adjust it for activities?
5:27-6:02 Do I wear it at night?
6:02-6:46 Will it help with the ECU or FCU?
6:48-8:06 Can I do bicep curls?
8:06-8:40 Why it's so important to strengthem triceps
8:41-9:34 When can I work out?
9:34-10:07 Is conservative PQ and ECU strengthening ok?
10:09-11:10 Why does the MRI say I have a tfcc tear but then it ends up being misdiagnosed?
11:12-11:20 Can a complete tear heal conservatively?
11:23-12:01 central and peripheral tear healing ability
12:01-12:54 How long does it take a TFCC to heal?
12:55-14:36 Should I do the ulnar shortening surgery since nothing else is helping and I want my wrist to get better?
14:37-17:26 My TFCC injury is slowly slowly healing...but one thing that is getting worse is the size of the ulnar head. The idea that the bone shifted sounds pretty serious but is it okay for it to be so prominent?
17:42-19:24 Can an untreated hamate fracture be interfering with tfcc tear?
19:40-20:56 Tfcc tear onset with no fall or injury
21:06-23:07 Flossing/nerve and muscle lengthening/nerve gliding
23:07-23:50 When can I resume normal activity?
25:34-28:06 If I only have ulnar instability can I use the WristWidget®?


A second session was given ... 




Episode 23: What to expect after TFCC diagnosis
0:36 Research on TFCC
1:04 What to expect from TFCC diagnosis
1:49 Variability in MRIs
2:31 Wrist splint compressing on ulna head is detrimental
2:56 How the weight bearing test works
3:41 How bad in my TFCC tear?
4:29 Normal adult weight bearing numbers
5:00 Important landmarks
5:04 above 45 lbs = functional wrist
5:10 below 45 lbs = non functional wrist
5:15 65 lbs = stable, loadable wrist
5:27 Below 45 lbs = a severe injury
5:40 Mild injury recovery protocol
6:20 Moderate recovery protocol
7:20 Severe protocol
8:35 Cast after surgery
10:49 Time frame for recovery
11:25 Central and peripheral tears behave very differently
12:13 Things that interfere with normal progression
14:39 When should I consider surgery
15:55 Central and peripheral tears
17:00 What if MRI says TFCC but weightbearing doesn't change?
19:58 What about thumbsided pain?