Weight Bearing Test - Non-Digital Scale

Weight Bearing Test - Non-Digital Scale

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Available in department stores and pharmacies

The key to accurately defining a TFCC tear and monitoring its progress as it heals is having a non-digital scale,  analog scale, or also known as a mechanical scale.

This dial scale is a non-digital, analog-style, perfect for measuring the pressing ability, or the weight-bearing ability of your injured and healthy wrists. 

Watch the video here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u5j1rcTA_uQ&t=2s

1) Place the palm of your uninjured wrist on the center of the scale, fingers pointing to the dial.

2) Position your elbow over your wrist. Elbow must be straight. 

3) Press down, and note the highest number you are able to reach and keep. (Don't bounce. Press steadily.)

4) Repeat with your injured wrist.  Press JUST to the point of pain. Do not exceed pain.  Make note of your pressing ability.

5) Tape your wrist as shown in the video or put the WristWidget on your injured wrist. Repeat the test again.  Make note of your pressing ability.