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Invented in 2006, the WristWidget® is designed to treat your ulnar-sided wrist pain due to a TFCC (Triangular FibroCartilage Complex) tear. It has been researched over 700,000 have been sold in 132 countries worldwide.

The WristWidget® takes over for the TFCC and prevents the radius and ulna from spreading; allowing the TFCC to heal naturally and without surgery. 

The hook and loop closure mechanism does not interfere with wrist motion or weaken with use. It holds the wrist securely in place without irritation to the skin or wrist joint. It is made from a non-elastic material which molds comfortably around the wrist. Dual straps provide an individualized fit as wrists vary greatly in size and conformation.  There is no compression of the ulnar head, a key component to comfortable use.

This is not like any other brace on the market.  You have come to the right place to read, learn and treat your wrist pain! 

Do not be misled by imposters.  The WristWidget® holds US Patent 8,398,573 B2