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Hunters & Fishers love the WristWidget

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I have chronic bilateral ECU subluxations with associated tendinitis. Although it’s not a TFCC issue I find the widget works well for me. It alleviates my pain when I’m having an issue and works to prevent a flare-up of symptoms.
Unfortunately, the widget does not have the longest lifespan in the field. In the attached picture you will see a dove bucket, a duck bag, a quail bag, a saltwater fishing bag, a trout bag, and a bass bag. I keep my widgets in my bags as these are the activities that are likely to exacerbate my symptoms. I fish over 150 days a year. I am down to the one you see in the picture and one that I made out of a koozie for keeping your beverage cold.
If I begin having issues while wielding a shotgun or a fly rod and don’t have a widget handy, my outing will be compromised.
I am a therapist and know the value of the widget. I may one day get the surgery to correct my issue but as of now, proactive use in these activities prevents the bulk of associated symptoms.
As of now, it’s hunting season and I’m not going to try to move my remaining widget from bag to bag.
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