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Chris - Competitive Athlete

I live in a community of competitive athletes and overachievers, this sometimes can lead to sports injuries. Many of us mix our disciplines in order to stay fit. A family member suggested I use yoga to stay limber (hopefully reducing potential injury) among other great benefits. Of course this led to a routine of 4 to 5 days a week at the local yoga studio here in Bergen Park, remember competitive overachievers…

Unfortunately my pressing the “launch button” approach to a Power Vinyasa Flow yoga lead to stress in the wrists which created a lot of discomfort. My yoga instructors corrected some minor body positions but also suggested I back off the Hot Vinyasa and hit other yoga forms during the healing process to which was unacceptable to me. Again I circle back to competitive overachievers…

Doing some research online I came across the WristWidget®. I am a skeptic to magic potions but gave it a shot anyways as I was desperate to keep up my workout discipline and heal at the same time. This product truly worked.

I cannot say enough about the concept and the results. My time with my wife during our yoga routine continues because of this product. Thank you to the entire team from research and development to the best customer service I have run across in years.


Evergreen, CO

On a business note, I can't say enough about your company and more importantly, your customer service, thank you again for providing such a great product and more importantly providing a service that so lacks in this day and age. 

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