Golfers love the WristWidget® - WristWidget®

Golfers love the WristWidget®


I pretty much haven't gone a day without wearing the WristWidget since I ordered my first one in 2018.  My wrist tan is crazy!  But it saved my career! My background before professional golf was kinesiology athletic training, and this is the best brace on the market by far! -Mark Vukovich




I jammed an 8 iron into a hidden root on April 11, 2019 at The Club del Lago course in Punta del Este, Uruguay.  7-5-19 while wearing the WristWidget I cautiously played my first round. Needless to say, I was scared on the first tee shot.  7-31-19 Hole in one.  11-3-19 Hole in one. 3-24-20 I still wear the WristWidget every round for my mental security. I put gauze tape underneath it to absorb perspiration. 

The WristWidget website information was invaluable to me because they taught me what to expect with the recovery time frame. I also studied the wrist anatomy and it sure is a complicated combination of bones, ligaments, and muscles. Once you put the WristWidget on the first time you know immediately it is the right thing to wear for support. I was determined not to reinjure myself and endure this pain again.
The WristWidget never interfered with my performance. My wrist strength is back and I´ve only played one round without wearing it as I absent-mindedly left the house without it. It feels part of me now so I will continue to wear it. My 12-year-old daughter gets to pick out the WristWidget color I wear to coordinate with my outfits. 
I´m just thankful that I suffered no damage and that I learned of the WristWidget. Your caring customer service has also been rock solid and I thank you all for that.
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