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Tennis player loves to pay it forward


I have used the wrist widget for many years. My diagnosis is "Ulnar Abutment Syndrome". It flares up with repetitive use like hitting a tennis ball 3 hrs/day! When my wrist issues were finally healed, I didn't need it anymore. I recently had an issue again (I'm a tennis player) and my wrist widget was getting worn, so I decided to get a new one. I keep giving them away to other tennis players with wrist issues. I am very happy with my new one - it is softer and of course, offers the same support I need until the issue is resolved! 

Thanks so much! Polly


Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I wanted to reach to you to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the WristWidget. The onset of my injury was about 2 years ago and ever since I've not been able to start rock climbing again without re-injury. After the last time I re-injured my wrist (~6 months ago) I got pretty depressed as I felt like I would never be able to practice the only sport I've ever loved. After wearing the WristWidget for a mere 3 weeks I've had a tremendous quality of life improvement and I can feel the fear of using my left hand gradually going down. I'm still taking it easy and making an effort to not climb too often and for extended periods of time, but it feels damn good to be back in the gym!

Again, huge thank you for making this device available, as well as all the other resources you put out.



Amazing Wrist Widget

I has saved my tennis teaching career


A Simple Brace That Really Helps

I’ve had chronic wrist pain now for many years due to playing Paddle Tennis. While it didn’t and can’t heal whatever injuries my wrist has sustained, the Wrist Widget greatly alleviates the pain and allows me to play my sport.


It works

The widget has helped reduce the pain and I use it now when playing tennis. Though there’s no alternative to rest but the widget does support the wrist a lot.


A happy customer/ patient

I added “patient “ because I feel the links from your website provided me with useful info to understand my injury and care for it.

I’m a tennis- teaching pro, I missed about 10 weeks on court because x- rays, followed by splinting and NSAIDs, then MRI and a busy doctor who is consultant for 4 Major League Baseball teams and because of COVID-19 impact on everyone’s schedule here in FL.

My diagnosis was overuse and wear and tear and a little arthritis. The doctor recommended I give the Wrist Widget a try. I ordered 2. Your follow up process was great. I strapped on my WW and played and taught.

Others on the courts saw me back and asked lots of questions about my new secret wrist aid. I gave one to player who had been taping her wrist for week. She had to switch to a 2 hand back because of wrist pain. Another very serious player Asked me for details on my WW. He ordered his on Amazon because he didn’t want to wait a even a day. He has had 2 wrist surgeries in past 2 years.  Now he’s a happy camper. The woman I gave my WW to ordered her WW ‘ from you.


More Painless

Went for tfcc debridement (right) surgery in 2014 but never felt back to normal or comfortable. Now also using it on left wrist due to pains when turning doorknobs and some weight lifting exercises. Bought 2 wristwidgets for tennis and gym ever since and it has made exercise more painless, although my right wrist feels alright on some days and I don’t use it. Bought the narrow version this time and it does not slip down over the ulnar bone as much as the original version.


Only had the WristWidget about 10 days now, feeling better

Healing is underway, but I'm not yet 100%. I'm wearing it most of the day, and cinch it up a bit when playing tennis, and it's pretty pain free--just a bit sore for a few hours after tennis.

A month ago, it was painful to play tennis, or to move my wrist afterwards. It is still painful if I play catch with a baseball with my son, unless I pronate my wrist. Throwing a baseball was never painful to me before my TFCC injury.

Before getting the WristWidget, I did use sports tape as suggested below and above the Ulna bone, and found it did help. But it wasn't convenient or comfortable, and the adhesive eventually irritates my skin, so the WristWidget is definitely worth getting.



So this probably won't be the best review but here goes. Started playing tennis again after many years. After a few months sure enough strained my wrist. Tried a wrap but that mostly just dampened the shock enough to play for an hour or so with pain.

Tried a WristWidget, first the narrow version. I wear it tight, really tight, it works great but only lasts for about 2 months playing about 6 hours a week. The eyelets stretch out and then it's too soft to cinch up tight enough. 

Is my wrist healed, unfortunately not, that would take rest and physical therapy and I'm just not ready to stop playing. The good news is with the widget on there's no pain and it isn't getting any worse maybe even slowly getting better. I love the widget, I'm on my third one so take that as you will. (For those who are wondering, I hit pretty hard)


From Injury to Support

From a TFCC injury to now, wearing it for support. This Wrist Widget is the reason I am still able to play tennis at a higher level than when I started without any pain at all.

Months before I got the wrist widget, I was in pain and couldn't play and I have a very high pain threshold. I was very new to tennis and didn't know the ins and outs of common tennis injuries. I went to my specialist and told me what I had. His answer was rest. That's what was prescribed. I wasn't satisfied with that answer so I researched and thankfully, I found the Wrist Widget. Even though I have not had any pain for a year, I play with it on. It provides amazing wrist support. If you should have a TFCC injury, go to the site and buy a couple of them. You will be very happy with the results.


wrist widget

I could not even hold my tennis racquet my wrist hurt so bad. After 4 weeks of wearing the wrist widget my wrist was back to normal.


Great item

The wrist widget really helps and gives great support. I hurt my wrist lifting weights and it got worst with me playing competitive tennis. It got to the point where every time I hit the ball it caused pain in my wrist. Once I purchased the wrist widget and put it on it felt like 80-90% of the pain went away with the support. I purchased 2 more and still wear it for the support. Great piece & highly recommend for anyone with a TFCC tear.


Testimonial with Love...

Ever since I began wearing the wrist widget, the pain in my wrist has disappeared and I have so much more strength and stability in my wrist.

Prior to using the wrist widget, I had to stop doing many of regular physical activities (including playing tennis) because of my wrist pain. It really has been such a blessing that my occupational therapist recommended the wrist widget to me as I have been able to resume the physical activities that I love to do without pain. And speaking with you today really just continued the blessings! Thank you, Wendy, for creating such a wonderful product that has really allowed me to continue to do the things that I love to do!


Great Aid!!

it's great! I played tennis last week and forgot to put my wrist widget on. After a few hits, my wrist started hurting. I thought it might end my tennis for weeks. The next day, I put on my WristWidget and felt no pain. A friend of mine told me to get this and it does really work for me.


Healed my TFCC Tear

I have been treated by Valerie Hoke on the Big Island for a severe TFCC injury that dated back to April, 2007. She made a very effective ulnar-sided brace for my hand in July, 2007 and I healed much more quickly and fully than I had anticipated. I am a neuromuscular therapist and an avid “exerciser”, so this injury was potentially devastating.

I had a follow-up visit several weeks ago and she told me about your “Wrist Widget” and ordered one for me. I love it so much that I ordered one for my husband who tried to make a too-quick comeback in his tennis game and, during a forceful forehand, felt a tear on the side of his wrist/hand. He now has persistent ulnar sided wrist pain that I think would be greatly helped by your Wrist Widget. I cut my straps too short for mine to work for him but, in all honesty, I want my own!! Valerie spoke highly of you. And I speak very highly of Valerie!! We are so fortunate to have her here on the Big Island .Aloha and Mahalo for a great product, Kelen G


Pain Free Club

I heard about them from the Kailua Racquet Club. The best things I've ever used to help my wrist pain.Thank you,

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