Knitters & Crocheters count on the WristWidget

Knitters & Crocheters count on the WristWidget

Yogis DOWN right ❤ the Widget in their practice!

Yogis DOWN right ❤ the Widget in their practice!

Surfers love the WristWidget

The WristWidget® keeps surfers across the world in the barrel.

Rock Climbers and Boulderers love the WristWidget

Rock-stars wearing da WristWidget®

Acro Artists & Pole Dancers love the WristWidget

Grip and grit keep these folks in the air!

Bow Hunters love the WristWidget

Keeping the pull strong and steady

Golfers love the WristWidget®

We're keeping the swing strong in this group!

I think I can play another 3000 shows!"

 "Thanks to the WristWidget®, I think I can play another 3000 shows!"

Olympic competitors love the WristWidget®


Spanish National Polo Team Player - Felipe Perone

Brazilian water polo player, 2008 Summer Olympics competitor

Loved by those on horseback

My wrist hasn't felt this good in a long time and I know that this will help so much in the future.

The Nigerian Polo Team loves the WristWidget

The Nigerian Polo Team loves the WristWidget®

Dengue Fever and the WristWidget®!

I injured my wrist three years ago building a fence. I play guitar in a band called Dengue Fever and it made playing incredibly painful. 

Firefighter stays in the game!

Thank you for helping me avoid surgery. As a firefighter with a diagnosed TFCC tear, I thought I was out of the game until I found your product. I can lift weights and do my job as a result of the wrist widget. Highly recommend this product. And the customer service is fantastic.  - Phil P.

I cannot thank WristWidget enough for saving my yoga practice!

The best invention known to man-women kind. I have wrist injuries due to being a cocktail waitress. Bearing ANY weight on my writs is unbearable. I practice yoga and without these lifesavers I would be doomed. I cannot thank you enough for saving my yoga practice!  - Deana G.

We have fans on the Pickleball courts too!

The product is great and has allowed me to continue to play aggressive tennis and pickleball without any further problems with my wrist. I am totally pleased and grateful for WristWidget. It is a fantastic product!

Tennis player loves to pay it forward

I recently had an issue again (I'm a tennis player) and my wrist widget was getting worn, so I decided to get a new one. I keep giving them away to other tennis players with wrist issues.

Spartan race participant has a new grip for success!

Wearing WristWidget allows me to use my grip in ways I never thought I would be able to!

WristWidget helps ASL users show the love!

I am studying to be an American Sign Language interpreter. So my hands are very important. The wrist widget allows me to pursue my career goals while taking care of my body. 

Underwater Hockey players love the wrist stabilization!

Your device (the WristWidget®), however, did not compromise the skills and mobility of the wrist while he was wearing it. He was majorly impressed and a few other players have tried it and are keen to get it too! 

Chris - Competitive Athlete

Doing some research online I came across the Wrist Widget. I am a skeptic to magic potions but gave it a shot anyways as I was desperate to keep up my workout discipline and heal at the same time. This product truly worked.

Gale - Ukulele musician

The WristWidget® really gives me the additional support I need, it makes the tightness I feel, that is a result of my hand surgery, stop bothering me, and it is truly so comfortable to wear. I love that I have them in various colors to match my performing mu`umu`us. 


"For the first time in months I completely forgot about my wrist!"

Kristy Smith- Professional Golfer

Kristie Lynn Smith is an Australian professional golfer who plays on the Futures Tour and the Ladies European Tour

Tyler Michael Rojas Filliben

..dealt with wrist injuries for years, finding the Wrist Widget has been monumental for my career... 

Francesca Tomas - Professional Bowler

..action photos of me bowling with the WW. I can't live without it.   So once again, thank you :)..

Dylan Goodwin

I wanted to thank you so much for sending the two WristWidgets, they arrived perfectly in time before my journey to arizona...

JPdestro WristWidget Review

Como sanarte de lesiones rapido? Review y sorteo Wrist Widget

Renee Chuljian

Can't believe the color match! Cassie was thrilled!Oh, and we won the match tonight!

Rock Climber in Colorado

She went back to climbing after 1 month of therapy, faithfully wearing the WristWidget....


I used one after a distal radius fracture,   I think your widget is genius.

You have really made a big difference to us now doing his daily activities without any pain.
You have really made a big difference to us....


I can play other sports again, I can actually hold a pan with food in it again and it doesn't affect my wrists as much as before....

Christopher Gloria - Sweden

Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU! for inventing this amazing product....

Garry Larson - Golfer

very comfortable..and best of all no pain..and I have nearly full motion

Brad DePape

The WristWidget has to be one of the greatest modern-day inventions!!

Mangesh Khopkar

My pain was gone completely and I started doing regular workouts, playing cricket....

Humza Qazi

the wrist widget has aided me to recovery for my TFCC injury. I am so happy, thank you ever so much...