TFCC & Ulnar Side Wrist Pain Podcast

We've launched a podcastJoin WristWidget® inventor Wendy Medeiros OTR, CHT and Wrist Ability's Jan Scholtz as they discuss all things related to the triangular fibrocartilage complex & ulnar side wrist pain.




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1. The weight bearing test - How a non-digital scale can help measure wrist weight bearing tolerance

2. Ulnar sided wrist pain - Differential diagnosis with Wendy Medeiros

3. FCU tendinopathy & ulnar sided wrist pain

4. ECU tendinopathy & ulnar sided wrist pain

5. Scapholunate injuries and ulnar sided wrist pain

6. Ulnar variance and TFCC tears

7. TFCC tears & wrist strengthening exercises with Wendy Medeiros

8. TFCC tear patient journey - Shannon's story

9. Why MRI's might not be the best tool for TFCC tear classification

10. Preparing for TFCC surgery - Setting realistic expectations

11. Return to sport and activity guidelines during TFCC tear rehabilitation