TFCC Tear Questions

So many questions about the TFCC.  The graphic above shows searches made online about this debilitating injury and the quest for knowledge, hope, and assurances. 
We're pleased to have answers for all of your questions within our site. The first place you want to start is How do I know I have a TFCC injury.  
Will TFCC tear heal on its own?
Can TFCC tear heal without surgery?
Does TFCC tear ever heal?
Does TFCC tear require surgery?
Can TFCC tear heal itself?
Is TFCC tear painful?
Will a TFCC tear heal?
What is a TFCC tear?
How to fix TFCC tear?
How to heal TFCC tear?
Do TFCC tears heal?
Can a TFCC tear get worse?
What causes the TFCC to tear?
What does a TFCC tear feel like?
What does a TFCC tear look like?
What is a peripheral TFCC tear?
How long to treat TFCC tear?
How long for TFCC tear to heal?
How to fix a TFCC tear?
How to test for TFCC tear?
How common is a TFCC tear?
How serious is a TFCC tear?
How to tape a TFCC tear?