TFCC Tear Treatment Protocol: Moderate injury

Test results in this range indicate a moderate injury.  

Expected recovery time in this phase: ~ 1-3 months

YAY!  45# is considered a “functional” wrist.  This means that you should be able to function around the home, for the most part. Things like dishes, dressing, making a bed etc. should not hurt.

This does not include carrying children, animals, heavy bags of groceries etc. This is a light functional wrist. 


  1. Order your WristWidget® if you haven’t done so already.

  2. Protect your wrist – No sports or heavy lifting.

  3. Wear the WristWidget® 24/7.  You do not need to wear the big wrist bulky splint.  IF your WristWidget should slide down over your ulna, you have a shallow wrist crease. Read about the cause and solution here

  4. Conduct Weight Bearing Test on your wrists every 7 days.  Record your results on the Weight Bearing Test Log

  5. Your task is to protect your wrist. Let it heal. Don't aggravate it. 

Diet & Exercise

It’s time to start a clean diet: low sugar, low gluten, no processed foods, ++ dark veggies, + lean protein.

Limit your protein intake to no more than 30% of your daily macros (Protein / Carbs / Fats). Many patients report that this injury occurs in conjunction with eating a high protein diet. Read why a moderate protein diet is important here

 Cardio exercise for 20 minutes daily – it increases the heart rate and helps the body to heal more quickly.

Eastern Medicine

Eastern Medicine correlates the TFCC with the gut. 
Acupuncture 2-3 times a week is helpful in healing.
Many patients report improvement when Turmeric is added to the diet.


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Test weight bearing weekly until your injured wrist results (while wearing the WristWidget®) = the results of your uninjured wrist.  

When you've accomplished this, move to the next step in healing, the Mild stage.

You can print a healing protocol guide here: