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TFCC Tear Wrist Splint

The WristWidget® is designed to provide support to the radius and ulna which enables the TFCC to heal without surgery.  Wendy Medeiros, OTR< CHT (retired), has focused exclusively on this injury since 2006 and has worked as a hand therapist since 1991.  Her experience is your asset when it comes to the knowledge of and the healing of triangular fibrocartilage tears. The WristWidget® has gone through over 2000 variations and meticulous care to get it where it is today!  

Made from custom nylon/cotton and hook & loop, it has no latex or chemicals. It can be worn in the water and the shower.  It has the strongest velcro hold on the market.  It fits all wrists - whether left or right, large or small.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed!  The WristWidge is available in 4 stylish colors.  The more you buy - the more you save!

Patent #8,398,573 B2

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